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What is conscious sedation?

This is similar to booking yourself in for a hospital theatre visit which allows you to sleep while your dental treatment is performed. However, conscious sedation is much cheaper, safer and convenient with a lot less fuss. We perform the sedation and dental treatment in our dental chair at the dental practice.

Who can make use of this service?

Ideally, we encourage conscious sedation for all patients with good general health.

We recommend it for:

  • extremely young patients < 6 years old.

  • young patients with a fear < 13 years old.

  • adult patients with a severe and uncontrollable fear of the dentist.

  • difficult and stressful dental procedures such as dental extractions.

  • patients with long treatment plans

How does it work?

Our trusted sedation practitioner will administer a series of medications only if he believes that it will be safe for you. These medications will relax you and then place you into a light sleep. The most important aspect of conscious sedation is that it is a light form of sedation, which means YOU keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing ON YOUR OWN but your vitals are monitored continuously throughout the procedure.

This sleep mode makes you unaware of your fears, unaware of any pain and unaware of the dental procedure being performed. When you wake up, you will have a healthy and happy smile again.

Let's talk money?

There are two separate invoices that accompany the entire process.

The first invoice is provided by the dental practice for performing the agreed upon treatment plan. This invoice can be paid for by you or we may submit it to medical aid if you have sufficient cover.

The second invoice is provided by the sedation practitioner for carrying out the service of conscious sedation. Unfortunately, the sedation practitioner is not affiliated with any medical aids, therefore, you will have to pay upfront with either cash or by swiping your debit or credit card immediately after the procedure has been completed. You may submit this invoice back to your medical aid for reimbursement if you have sufficient cover.

About our sedation service provider?


We are affiliated to a tried, tested and trusted sedation practitioner who assist us in safely and comfortably sedating you so that we can carry out the treatment you need with no effort and stress to you.


See: Dr Aiden Parkin and team from Parkin Sedations -


Your overall health is our first priority. Therefore, we strongly advise that you take the time to enquire about and consider the risks involved. Any medical conditions and a full medical history must be provided to the dentist and sedation practitioner during the respective consultations.

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