preventative DENTISTRY

Comprehensive Examinations

We offer comprehensive examinations to ensure all aspects of the oral cavity are assessed for any problems that may require treatment.

Dental Cleanings

We provide full dental cleanings for both adults and children.

Mouth Guards

We offer custom mouthguards for protection during contact sports, biteplates to protect teeth against premature wear in those suffering from grinding/clenching habits and TMJD, and retainers after orthodontic treatment.

Diagnostic X-rays

We have quality x-ray equipment to aid us in an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis during the examinations.

Oral Hygiene

We aim to educate and guide each and every one of our patients on the correct maintenance of one's smile and the importance of proper oral hygiene.

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Lockdown Trading Hours

Monday to Friday  9am - 2pm

Saturday 9am - 1pm

Sunday - Closed