We understand the importance of dealing with dental emergencies and handle each one with utmost urgency. Our aim is to alleviate your pain and discomfort swiftly and efficiently.


Dental Prescriptions

For severe dental infections, and other oral diseases we provide the necessary dental prescriptions.

painful tooth

Emergency Root Canals

To save infected teeth we can perform pain-free emergency root canals to remove the infected nerve and alleviate pain.

broken denture

Broken Denture

We can repair fractured dentures and dentures with lost teeth. If the damage is beyond repair, we offer comprehensive treatment in replacing the denture with one that is comfortable and durable to your specifications. 

Emergency dentist

Emergency Extractions

For teeth suffering from infection, severe trauma or decay, we offer pain-free emergency extractions. 

broken tooth


We are equipped to handle trauma-induced emergencies such as cracked/chipped teeth, lost fillings and lost/loose crowns with temporary/replacement fillings and recementation of crowns.

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Oral & Facial Trauma

In the event of an injury to the mouth or face we are able to manage these injuries by controlling bleeding, disinfecting stiching up lacerations