restorative DENTISTRY

We have quality materials, equipment and skills in helping you restore, repair and strengthen your smile. When function and integrity is lost, we offer a range of services best suited to restore your teeth to their highest functionality. 

restorative DENTISTRY

Dental filling

Dental Fillings

We provide natural tooth-coloured ("white") fillings to help restore functionality, repair damage and fill cavities after decay has been removed.

dental crown


Crowns are porcelain or metal caps used to restore and strengthen teeth to optimum integrity. They can enhance a tooth's natural appearance and offer ideal protection.

dentures / false teeth


Well offer full and partial denture treatment to replace single or multiple missing teeth to restore both function and appearance. 

inlay onlay

Inlays & Onlays

Restorations that are usually lab-manufactured and made of porcelain used to restore teeth with more extensive cavities.

dental bridge


Bridges are one of the many ways to replace missing teeth. Its a natural-looking fixed porcelain unit that is cemented into place and allows for ease of functionality.

root canal


We provide pain-free root canal treatments to save severely decayed, infected, abscessed, painful teeth.